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Dina Demetrius Recommends!

"Emmy & LA Press Club Award-winning TV journo/host/producer | MI native

@UMich | 1st-Gen Greek-Amer | Freelance Correspondent for @cbsnewspath @matteroffacttv"

"Paul Jonas hired me to provide voiceover in one of his original short films that he produced and directed, "Beyond the Veil." He was a pleasure to work with, gave clear and specific direction while giving me room to bring my own craft to role. Paul Jonas is talented and prolific in his creative output--TV shows, short and feature films and some avantgarde videos. His TV show for development, The Black Light, is a wonderful example of his vision. I highly recommend him and his production company."

Future Development: Los Angeles, USA

Headquarters Opening Soon: São Paulo, Brazil (2024) 

PJP is opening soon it's headquarters in São Paulo, Brazil!

This will mark an important milestone for the company as it celebrates the 4th year of achievements & successes.

The production company aims to maximize international opportunities while developing a strong outreach - supporting it's financial goals.

PJP is globally focused & supports international presence.

Mia Zabelka: Photo Tone (Stage Visuals)

Created for Mia Zabelka -

Leading electro-acoustic performer!

Visuals by Paul Jonas Kinnunen

Emerging Screenwriters 2023

"The Black Lights" - Quarter-Finalist

Festival Statement

"Do you have a great sci-fi or fantasy script that’s ready for the industry?
Was E.T. THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL about an alien visitor or a family drama that explored a child’s understanding of the world? In STAR WARS, when Luke Skywalker swung across a ledge with a princess in his arms, where did the sci-fi end and the fantasy begin? And should THE TRUMAN SHOW
even be called a sci-fi film for bending the technology of its setting to tell its story? This contest is a celebration of traditional and idiosyncratic sci-fi and fantasy narratives. The Grand Prize Winner will be considered for acceptance onto the ISA Development Slate for a full year, where our team will work to promote them and their scripts to top agents, managers and producers."

Sponsored by:
Writers Store

Cryogenesis: Mia Zabelka & Arun Natarajan

OORtreders Festival 2022 (Belgium)

Cryogenesis: Mia Zabelka & Arun Natarajan

Visuals by Paul Jonas Kinnunen

Photos by Zjuul Devens

Mia Zabelka - Leading electro-acoustic performer.

Arun Natarajan - Latest ventures include “Moral Collapse” with Hannes Grossman - ex Necrophagist / Obscura.

"Beyond the Veil" & 'Mark of Cold'

PJP's (sci-fi, mystery) short film "Beyond the Veil" & 'Mark of Cold' the official music video is here!

"Beyond the Veil" is streaming on XOLO.TV (January 24 - 31, 2023) as part of the Santa Monica Film Festival's official selection!

"The 2023 Santa Monica Film Festival programmers consist of Emmy Nominated, award winning indy and union filmmakers,

artists, technicians and Director Members of the Director's Guild."

Magi Avila & 'Mark of Cold': "Beyond the Veil"

"Magi Avila's most recent work as an actress can be seen in "My American Family" TV Series on Amazon Prime featuring Danny Trejo. Also, on the feature film "Dog Eat Dog" with Oscar winner, Nicolas Cage, and 4 times Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe, directed by Paul Schrader."

The multi-award winning actress/director/producer Magi Avila will be the vocalist for 'Mark of Cold' the official music video for PJP's sci-fi short film "Beyond the Veil"! (2022)


"Beyond the Veil" - Official Trailer

The official trailer for PJP's sci-fi short film "Beyond the Veil" (2022) is here!

David Frederick & "Beyond the Veil"

"In a career that has earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards, David has proven himself to be a versatile and dynamic composer in a wide range of musical styles and genres."

The Emmy-nominated film and television composer David Frederick will compose the score for PJP's sci-fi short film "Beyond the Veil"! (2022)

Dina Demetrius & "Beyond the Veil"

The multiple award-winning journalist Dina Demetrius will be starring in PJP's sci-fi short film "Beyond the Veil"! (2022)


"Emmy & LA Press Club Award-winning TV journo/host/producer | MI native

@UMich | 1st-Gen Greek-Amer | Freelance Correspondent for @cbsnewspath @matteroffacttv"

Emerging Screenwriters 2022

"The Black Lights" - Quarter-Finalist

Festival Statement

"The Emerging Screenwriting team welcomes all interpretations of the Suspense genre. Submit your horror, thriller, mystery or crime stories that instill a sense of fear from the start and never let up, to genre-bending drama entries that leave readers laughing, terrified and/or shaking. We are eager to read your material and share with our list of mentors, partners or industry connections (see above list) for option or production consideration. Plus, the Top 10 will be considered for the ISA Development Slate."

Sponsored by:

Poster Designs for your Movie or ISA Profile - Liz Sweeney
Writers Store

Mia Zabelka & Glen Hall 


"This is absolutely awesome! Thank you soo much!!"

- Mia Zabelka: Leading Electro-Acoustic Performer.

The Quantum Violin composed and produced by Mia Zabelka & Glen Hall

Violin, Voice, Noise, Electronics, Experiments & Alien Objects : Mia Zabelka (Austria) Quantum Oscillator, OMax, CataRT, Experiments & Mix : Glen Hall (Canada) Recorded and composed in the covid months of 2020/ 2021
(March 2020 to May 2021 in Vienna, Austria and Toronto, Canada)
Mixed & mastered by Lasse Marhaug
Cover design by Paul Jonas Kinnunen
Executive production by Trevor Taylor - FMR

All Rights Reserved
© & ℗ 2021 Mia Zabelka/Glen Hall

Table Read My Screenplay 2021

"The Black Lights" - Semi-Finalist

Festival Statement

"The Table Read My Screenplay – Screenplay Contest will help you to propel your screenwriting forward with a career-launching Table Read showcase experience during the Austin Film Festival and Writers Conference this October."

TRMS Judges have worked for these companies:
Writers Guild of America, West (WGAW)

Bluecat Screenplay Competition
Creative Artists Agency (CAA)
Lynda Obst Productions
Silver Lion Films
The Academy
Final Draft

Sponsored by:
University of California, Los Angeles - Professional Programs (UCLA)
International Screenwriters Association (ISA)
Nickelodeon Writing Program
Austin Film Festival

Studio Nature's - Spotlighted section introduces:



Soundtrack Producer & Composer

Spotify, Punks SA, Rede Globo, Netflix, CBS, Warner Bros, TV.









Take a listen to his Studio Nature exclusive song via:

Inroads Screenwriting Fellowship 2021

"The Black Lights" - Quarter-Finalist

Festival Statement

"The INROADS SCREENWRITING FELLOWSHIP competition was created to locate, expose and nurture up-and-coming screenwriters who have yet to receive their invitation to the mainstream industry. The competition is proudly sponsored by InkTip, Screenwriting Staffing, and"

LA Live Film Festival 2021

"The Black Lights" - Best Screenplay

"LA LIVE FILM FESTIVAL’s mission is to provide a festival where filmmakers are treated with respect and given opportunities that empower the filmmaker’s career while being showcased at the most prestigious location in Los Angeles, Regal Cinemas at LA LIVE. We strive to do things differently than other festivals and part of how we do this is, the way we market the selected films. We believe that helping others is the only way to operate and want filmmakers that also have this mindset, so we cultivate a working community in Hollywood that will continue to extend past the festival."

Regal Cinemas at LA Live is the host for GRAMMY Awards, American Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards, BET Awards, Primetime Emmy Awards, and the ESPY Awards just to name a few.

Previous festival attendees include Dustin Quick:
"Nebraska + Off-Broadway + actress/model/host in LA ('NCIS',

Rob Zombie's latest film, Slash's 'You're a Lie') = the 409 of entertainers."

Festival Statement


Carolina Short Film and Screenwriting Showcase 2021

"The Black Lights" - Best Original Screenplay

Organized by UNC Asheville

(U.S. News & World Report)


"UNC Asheville ranks seventh in the nation among public liberal arts colleges. U.S. News & World Report also listed UNC Asheville in the lists of Undergraduate Business Programs, Undergraduate Engineering Programs, and U.S. News’ first-ever list of Undergraduate Computer Science Programs. In addition to being named among the Top Public Liberal Arts Colleges, U.S. News has included UNC Asheville in its “web-exclusive” list of schools supporting “Social Mobility,” which is computed from two ranking factors assessing graduation rates of Pell-awarded students. – U.S. News & World Report’s 2021 Best Colleges (September 2020)"

Amsterdam World International Film Festival 2021

"The Black Lights" - Best Screenplay

"The Amsterdam World International Film Festival in cooperation with many great and uniquely experienced partners will offer a high quality festival with a unique charm. Great thanks to the best film schools and institutes which helped us."

Festival Statement


Paul Jonas Productions instrumental tracks "Go" and "A New Dawn" have been reviewed by music industry professionals and scored an average of better ratings than 90%!

"Simply put: high ratings indicate a high probability your song or act will eventually be successful securing the type of deals you're pursuing.

Low scores mean it's not likely to happen."

- Music Xray


















Written, produced, recorded, performed,

mixed, mastered, guitars,

by Paul Jonas Kinnunen

Percussions, etc: Presonus Studio One.

"A New Dawn"






















Austrian Cultural Forum London


Festival Site

Festival Screening

The lineup of Klangzeit Festival (virtual) 2020 has been published in the Austrian news magazine Falter & the music culture magazine Skug.

Thrilled to be part of the artists!

Stage visuals created for Mia Zabelka - Leading electro-acoustic performer, have been screened online the 29th November.

Day 4 (Sunday) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)



















Stage visuals created for Mia Zabelka (Leading electro-acoustic performer)

have been screened online at Sonic Territories - Festival For Sound Art & Exploratory Music.

The video will also be screened virtually at Klangzeit Festival 2020!

"Klanghaus Untergreith and IKLECTIK have joined forces to present a multidisciplinary and miscellaneous

series of concerts with the participation of internationally renown musicians, sound artists and composers."

Check out the promo created for Richard Rodwells' "TV Music" demo - Acclaimed Music & TV Composer!

Directed, Produced, Animation, Art Design, Digital art, Editing by

Paul Jonas Kinnunen/Paul Jonas Productions

Watch a preview of stage visuals, created for Mia Zabelka -

Leading electro-acoustic performer!

Concept by Mia Zabelka & Paul Jonas Kinnunen

Directed, Produced, Filmed, Animation, Art Design, Digital art, Editing by

Paul Jonas Kinnunen/Studio Nature

Thrilled to announce!

Paul Jonas Productions new sponsor & partner -
Ross Shuman: Acclaimed Writer, Director, Producer, Animator and Art Director.

"Ross Shuman is known for his work on Planet Of The Apes (2001), Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and Pearl Harbor (2001)."


Oaxaca Film Festival X 2019

"Rainforezt - Native Heart" - Finalist


"Dedicated to a broad range of international shorts from the creative minds of emerging artists with the capacity to be developed into a feature length film or television series content. The New Industry Selection section is a highly competitive official section, dedicated specifically to emerging Short filmmakers."


Rainforezt - Native Heart was screened to high-profile industry representatives,

from major entertainment studios as - HBO and Viacom.


Oaxaca Filmfestival has been described as - "Sundance of South America."

Festival Statement


Lucky Strike Film Festival 2019

"Rainforezt - Native Heart" - Best Short Nomination

"Connecting Talent With Opportunities"

Festival Statement


Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival 2019

"Rainforezt - Native Heart" - Official Selection

"We applaud creators whose imaginations are so far “outside the box”, that the box doesn’t even exist. If your project is inventive, dynamic, and cosmically inspired, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival is the perfect venue to celebrate your creations and meet friendly new collaborators!"

"Rainforezt - Native Heart" was screened in the Laemmle North Hollywood 7

Movie Theatre - Sep 18 - 2.30 pm - 2019 - Part of the Mother Nature block.

Festival Statement

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