LA Live Film Festival 2021

The Black Lights: Official Selection

"LA LIVE FILM FESTIVAL’s mission is to provide a festival where filmmakers are treated with respect and given opportunities that empower the filmmaker’s career while being showcased at the most prestigious location in Los Angeles, Regal Cinemas at LA LIVE. We strive to do things differently than other festivals and part of how we do this is, the way we market the selected films. We believe that helping others is the only way to operate and want filmmakers that also have this mindset, so we cultivate a working community in Hollywood that will continue to extend past the festival."

Festival Statement


Paul Jonas Productions instrumental tracks "Go" and "A New Dawn" have been reviewed by music industry professionals and scored an average of better ratings than 90%!

"Simply put: high ratings indicate a high probability your song or act will eventually be successful securing the type of deals you're pursuing.

Low scores mean it's not likely to happen."

- Music Xray


















The lineup of Klangzeit Festival (virtual) 2020 has been published in the Austrian news magazine Falter & the music culture magazine Skug.

Thrilled to be part of the artists!

Stage visuals created for Mia Zabelka, the excellent Austrian experimental violinist, have been screened online the 29th November.

Day 4 (Sunday) – 7.30pm (GMT) | 8.30pm (CET)







































Austrian Cultural Forum London


Festival Site

Festival Screening


A New Dawn:


Written, produced, recorded, performed,

mixed, mastered, guitars,

by Paul Jonas Kinnunen.

Percussions, etc: Presonus Studio One.

Stage visuals created for Mia Zabelka, the excellent Austrian experimental violinist -

have been screened online at Sonic Territories - Festival For Sound Art & Exploratory Music.

The video will also be screened virtually at Klangzeit Festival 2020!

"Klanghaus Untergreith and IKLECTIK have joined forces to present a multidisciplinary and miscellaneous

series of concerts with the participation of internationally renown musicians, sound artists and composers."

Check out the promo created for Richard Rodwells' "TV Music" demo - Acclaimed Music & TV Composer!

Idea, Directed, Produced, Animation, Art Design, Digital art, Editing by

Paul Jonas Kinnunen/Paul Jonas Productions.

Music by Richard Rodwell.

Watch a preview of stage visuals, created for Mia Zabelka -

the excellent Austrian experimental violinist!

Idea by Paul Jonas Kinnunen/Mia Zabelka.

Directed, Produced, Filmed, Animation, Art Design, Digital art, Editing by

Paul Jonas Kinnunen/Paul Jonas Productions.

Thrilled to announce!

Paul Jonas Productions has a new sponsor & partner -
Ross Shuman: Acclaimed - Writer, Director, Producer, Animator and Art Director.

"Ross Shuman is known for his work on Planet Of The Apes (2001), Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones (2002) and Pearl Harbor (2001)."

IMDb -

Oaxaca Film Festival X 2019

Rainforezt - Native Heart: Finalist


"Dedicated to a broad range of international shorts from the creative minds of emerging artists with the capacity to be developed into a feature length film or television series content. The New Industry Selection section is a highly competitive official section, dedicated specifically to emerging Short filmmakers."


Rainforezt - Native Heart was screened to high-profile industry representatives,

from major entertainment studios as - HBO and Viacom.


Oaxaca Filmfestival has been described as - "Sundance of South America."

Festival Statement


Lucky Strike Film Festival 2019

Rainforezt - Native Heart: Best Short Nomination

"Connecting Talent With Opportunities"

The awards gala was held in the Celebrity Centre International.

Festival Statement


Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival 2019

Rainforezt - Native Heart: Official Selection

"We applaud creators whose imaginations are so far “outside the box”, that the box doesn’t even exist. If your project is inventive, dynamic, and cosmically inspired, KaPow Intergalactic Film Festival is the perfect venue to celebrate your creations and meet friendly new collaborators!"

Rainforezt - Native Heart was screened in the Laemmle North Hollywood 7

Movie Theatre - Sep 18 - 2.30 pm - 2019 - Part of the Mother Nature block.

Laemmle NoHo 7 - Mother Nature Block

Festival Statement

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