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Visionary - Artist - Producer


Paul Jonas Kinnunen describes himself as:

"Ambitious energy, transforming into creative products.

A driven individual." His passion for animation & filmmaking began during his graphic design studies in 2010 - Inveon, Porvoo, Finland. Until that time, his focus had been on guitar playing & songwriting. With series of projects and relentless determination within: 2D animation, animation & mixed media, videography, screenwriting, cover art & music, Paul Jonas Productions became an accomplished production company. PJP's production lines of works are delivered with a high standard, and are selected and awarded by some of the most respected international film festivals & screenwriting competitions. 


The Emmy & LA Press Club Award-Winning TV journo/host/producer Dina Demetrius is starring in PJP's latest sci-fi short film "Beyond the Veil" (Distribution by XOLO.TV - Santa Monica Film Festival's & Malibu International Film Festival's streaming platform) (Reporter and producer credits includes "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath" for A&E Network and KCET's "SoCal Connected") Original music by the Emmy-nominated film and television composer David Frederick ("Alien: Covenant" & "Pretty Little Liars") The Award-Winning actress, producer and director Magi Avila ("Dog Eat Dog" & "My American Family") is the vocalist for "Beyond the Veil's" official music video 'Mark of Cold'. 


Paul Jonas' main characters tend to possess street knowledge and grit-based personalities. He is also fascinated by so-called "absurd realities". Vision and partners & sponsors makes PJP's base of structure. The creativity sparking subjects continue to be: Originality, symbolism, philosophy and the unknown. PJP is globally focused & supports international presence.

Dina Demetrius - Emmy & LA Press Club

Award-winning TV journo/host/producer

"Paul Jonas hired me to provide voiceover in one of his original short films that he produced and directed, "Beyond the Veil."

He was a pleasure to work with, gave clear and specific direction while giving me room to bring my own craft to role.

Paul Jonas is talented and prolific in his creative output--TV shows, short and feature films and some avantgarde videos. His TV show for development, The Black Light, is a wonderful example of his vision. I highly recommend him and his production company."


Richard Rodwell - Acclaimed Music & TV Composer

"Paul is a dedicated, knowledgeable, hard-working individual.

Paul delivers excellent quality with quick turnaround time.

He is a visionary at his craft. I highly recommend Paul

for animation and any other visual projects required."

Mark Maryanovich - Award-Winning Portrait Photographer

| Artist | Image Specialist | Los Angeles

"Your album covers are incredibly beautiful.
I love the black and

Mia Zabelka - Leading Electro-Acoustic Performer

"In my music, I deal with acoustic interaction between the body and its

surrounding environment, with special focus on the “sound gesture”.

The sound gesture is the notion of how sound moves and how it moves

the body at the same time – the embodiment of sound, an intuitive

body-sound-machine linkage. I scrutinize this form of interface

technique with my sound art and explore it with a view to its

potential for application in communication between humans

and autonomous machines; the coexistence of man and

machine in converged environments is entrusted to hearing.

I am very interested in the interdisciplinarity between

music and science. The term “scientific music” best

applies to her work. It is music beyond melodies,

harmonies and rhythm. Scientific music is concerned

with making automatic, mechanical processes

audible. It is noise, movement, automation,

division, symbiosis, dissonance and resonance.

Paul Jonas Kinnunen's videos are the perfect

complement to my music in terms of exploring

the natural versus artificial audiovisual worlds."

Table Read My Screenplay 2021:

(Sponsored by Austin Film Festival)

Semi-Finalist - "The Black Lights"

Emerging Screenwriters Screenplay Competition 2023:

(Sci-Fi & Fantasy) Quarter-Finalist - "The Black Lights"

Laemmle NoHo 7 Screening 2019: "Rainforezt - Native Heart"

(Official Music Video)

"Keys of Quality."
- Paul Jonas Productions

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